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Runway Homebuyer

The Runway Homebuyer platform offers marketing teams and their digital agencies functionality and components to create unique end-to-end experiences designed to attract homebuyers and turbocharge decision-making which in turn will help close more sales opportunities, faster.


Homebuyer allows for the rapid development of totally customizable solutions, saving critical time and money, including inventory, home and land matching, interactive maps and large-screen kiosks. Apply your UI design and branding to match your requirements and workflows and Runway Homebuyer takes care of the tricky, time-consuming backend.

Best of all, Runway Homebuyer solutions generate dollar-perfect, rule-compliant, ready-to-sell home and land packages including lot-fit. No other solution comes close.

Homebuyer discover home designs screen displayed on a macbook
Shop at home

Search lots, match with homes and view move-in ready inventory and community amenities.

View of shortlisted homes on a map displayed on a large kiosk
At the community

Supersize the homebuying experience on a large touch screen with additional content such as videos, slides and other maps.

Take the homebuyer to the community with directions to properties and amenities.
On the go

Take the homebuyer to the community with directions to properties and amenities.

Accurately match homes with lots

Runway Homebuyer allows you to create step-by-step home-buying journeys that are accurate and engaging.

  • Match lots with homes or vice versa

  • Select elevations and colors

  • Compliance with monotony and covenant rules

  • Dollar-perfect pricing

  • Integrated lot fit that shows the home accurately positioned on the lot

  • Save and view favorites on the map

  • View homes in Runway Metaverse

  • Your design and banding

Homebuyer favourites screen displayed on an iPadipad angled.png
Homebuyer Kiosk displayed on a large touch screen


Supersize your homebuyer experience to a large screen.

  • Register details at reception for a kiosk session or book an appointment online.

  • Includes full homebuyer journey.

  • Explore amenities via interactive maps.

  • View entire streets and homes interiors in Runway Metaverse.

  • Scan QR codes to transfer your favorite properties to your phone.

Match lots with homes on the go

Take Runway Homebuyer on a road trip to explore the community. 

  • Create home and land packages on your phone.

  • Scan QR code signage at each lot to search for homes that correctly match that lot. Or get directions to any home site.

  • View 3D homes on that homesite in Runway's Metaverse. See what houses are being built next door and across the road.

Match lots with home on the go

Experience life at the community

Combine the power of Runway and the Alosant platform together with the fully-integrated Alosant Azul community app. 

Communicate effectively with residents, showcase opportunities for home shoppers, enable operations and more - right from the palm of your hand.

  • Walk or drive from your location to models, homesites, amenities and more.

  • Allow prospects to self-direct their experience in your community, at scale.

  • Place experiential visual assets on physical locations, view in-app.

  • Runway Homebuyer is fully integrated inside the Alosant Azul app.

Experience life at the Community

Homebuyer maps

The Runway Map service helps you implement maps to match your community's unique branding and design requirements. Includes incredible functionality:

  • 2D/3D modes

  • Up-to-date lot status

  • View move-in ready inventory

  • Insert realistic 3D buildings of amenities

  • Accurate 3D lotfit on map

  • Include terrain, custom pins, icons, logos

  • Add video 

  • Directions to lot function

  • Match lots with available homes

  • Save and view favorites on the map

Runway map service helps you implement maps to match your community's unique branding and design requirements
Runway Amenity maps provide your homebuyers with a curated display of amenities inside and nearby to your community

Amenity maps

Runway Amenity maps provide your homebuyers with a curated display of amenities inside and nearby your community. Includes:

  • Configure your own amenities and categories

  • Upload icons and logos of your choosing

  • Add videos and images

  • Track which amenities are most popular

  • Directions and travel time

  • Works on all devices

Consistent Renders

One of the challenges community developers face is the development of consistent, high-quality home renders. Runway offers an affordable solution that ensures all your builder's renders are consistently framed and landscaped.

With Runway Metaverse homes, go to the next level with animated renders from any angle and height.


Transform your undeveloped community into a fully immersive 3D Metaverse for homebuyers to explore. Homebuyers can literally walk down yet-to-be-developed streets and view future homes, accurately placed on each lot, complete with realistic landscaping.


Runway Metaverse will help bring homebuyer interest forward, better equipping your Sales Counselors to close sales faster.


Runway Metaverse will reduce upfront development investments in move-in ready stock or model home infrastructure by transferring these physical assets to 3D.

QR codes

Take advantage of QR codes on signage or to hand off content between devices. Scan the QR code to:

  • Find compatible homes and elevations that pass monotony rules for each lot.

  • Advertise and locate community amenities.

  • Pass shortlisted properties from the community Welcome Center kiosk to a homebuyer's phone.

  • Download the community app from Alosant.

Community QR Code: Take advantage of QR codes on signage or to hand off content between devices
Data warehouse and dashboards - Consumer Journey

Data warehouse
& dashboards

Runway tracks all homebuyer interactions across all solutions. From the homebuyer's journey to the kiosk to their phone. From the moment they engage all the way through to the homebuyer becoming a resident.

  • Inquiry forms

  • Tracking tags are built into all solutions

  • Reporting dashboard templates

  • Integrated data warehouse

  • Access APIs to integrate with your existing BI reporting

Real estate portal publishing

Publish your properties to your website and any of the major real estate portals in the USA.


  • Set date ranges for publishing

  • Publish simultaneously across multiple portals

  • Auto removal if a property is sold

  • View homebuyer inquiries

  • Publishing dashboard​

Portal publishing - macbook right v3.png
Runway DB Connect eliminates the cost, duplication

DB Connect

Runway DB Connect eliminates the cost, duplication and delays caused by handing content and data between developers and builders. Runway DB Connect provides a direct connection between the builder's data and Runway.

  • Access available lot data

  • Access interactive masterplans

  • Check home and land compatibility and monotony rules

  • Load home designs, data and content for design approval

  • Push automatic price updates 

  • Create and update move-in-ready homes

  • Share content such as dimensions, images, 3D models

  • Register sales, cancellations and closings without the need for a portal

  • Access property appraisal and MUD district data

Homebuyer Integration

Runway Homebuyer integrates with all the top marketing applications on the market. 

Homebuyer platform 

We've been developing and reinventing the homebuyer technology platform since 2009. We love helping marketing teams and their agencies bring their designs to life.

Runway Homebuyer Stack

Runway Homebuyer stack

We created apps and modules that sit on top of our property inventory system that allow you to tailor consumer journeys from both a workflow and user interface perspective, giving consumers the clarity and options they need to feel comfortable purchasing a home online.

The simple promise is to allow Builders and Developers the critical solution so their consumers can purchase their new home and land property online.

Rapid deployment using your UX / UI

Your UI/UX - everything else is ready to go.

Our rapid development user interface uses Runway’s APIs to access established data structures and underlying applications to ensure your consumer workflow and efforts need only focus only on the UI/UX. From the artwork provided, deployments range from 3 to 8 weeks, seamlessly integrating on all CMS platforms like WordPress and Wix.

Home and Land packaging engine

Home and Land packaging engine

Runway's patented home and land packaging engine generates perfectly-priced, community rules-compliant packages at blistering speeds, including automatic lot fits - Our engine delivers ready-to-purchase packages in under 200 milliseconds. Nothing comes close.

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