Discover the Flexibility and Value of Runway 7: Pay Only for What You Need


Runway Platform App Launcher

Runway Platform App Launcher

The Runway 7 platform offers an exceptional range of features and capabilities to community developers, all wrapped up in a flexible and cost-effective package. With a free base platform that includes access to Runway CRM and the video help app, developers can enjoy a comprehensive suite of tools right out of the box.


But the real beauty of Runway 7 lies in its pay-as-you-go app structure. For just $250 per app per community, plus set-up costs, developers can choose only the apps they need at any given stage of their project. This modular approach allows you to scale up or down as your community progresses, ensuring you always have the right tools at the right time.


During the presales phase, you might opt for the Runway ARC, Runway Land app, and Runway Takedown apps. As you transition into the sales phase, you can then access the various sales and marketing apps to support your efforts. With Runway 7, you only pay for what you need, making it a smart and efficient choice for community developers of all sizes.


Embrace the versatility and affordability of the Runway 7 platform, and watch your community thrive as you make the most of the tools and apps tailored to your specific needs.





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