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Introducing Runway Kiosk

The Kiosk - Reinvented

Introducing Runway Kiosk - a fully self-serviced, customizable, interactive, large-screen display designed to enhance user experiences in residential communities.

Runway Kiosk serves as a comprehensive community technology solution, engaging potential homebuyers while they navigate your community. This interactive display directs users to key locations like welcome centers, simplifies registrations, records kiosk sessions and enables a smooth transition to mobile devices, allowing users to continue exploring saved properties and amenities on the go.

Easily customize Runway Kiosk by choosing from various colors and fonts, selecting the most suitable features and implementing updates quickly. Builder partners can also benefit from customization options, aligning the kiosk with their branding. 

Its impressive versatility enables sharing with builders for use in their model homes, adding value to the technology solution.

Runway Kiosk pricing starts at $250 per community for Runway clients.


Runway Kiosk features an optional registration app, designed for homebuyers so they can easily register their details at your welcome center or model home.

To register, users simply use an iPad or scan the provided QR code on their device. Once registered, they can begin a session on the kiosk, where they can explore homes, specifications, lots and packages. All activity during the kiosk session is conveniently stored within their Runway CRM record.

By scanning the QR code for a seamless handoff from the kiosk to their mobile device, homebuyers can continue their browsing experience on the go, with the tracking persisting across devices.

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Runway Kiosk offer a rich, immersive homebuyer experience out-of-the-box with great features like -

  1. Consumer Journey: Match homebuyers with compliant lots and homes for a seamless purchasing process.

  2. Amenity Maps: Highlight community and local points of interest, including custom galleries and videos.

  3. Model Homes & Builders: Showcase model homes and builder information.

  4. Direct Communication: Connect homebuyers with sales counselors, referrals and appointments.

  5. Realtor Access: Grant realtors the ability to view homebuyer-selected properties.

  6. Move-in Ready Homes: Browse available homes and save favorites.

  7. 3D Tours: Immerse users in interactive 3D property tours.

  8. QR Code Handoff: Save properties and transition browsing to your phone with ease.

  9. Builder-Branded Kiosks: Offer builders an exclusive kiosk to display their lots, homes and specifications.


Discover Runway Kiosk's Handoff feature, enabling homebuyers and realtors to transition from the kiosk to their phone for on-the-go exploration.

By simply scanning a QR code, users can transfer saved properties and preferences to their mobile devices. Realtors can also hand off properties that their homebuyer clients have viewed, ensuring a seamless browsing experience throughout the community.

Enhance your homebuying journey with the convenient and efficient Handoff feature, empowering homebuyers and realtors to engage with your community anytime, anywhere.

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Discover the power of personalization and self-service capabilities with Runway Kiosk, designed to help you create a unique and engaging experience for homebuyers while providing flexibility in managing your community presentation.

Customization and Self-service Features:

  1. Tailor the Appearance: Match your community's branding with a variety of colors, fonts and themes, ensuring a cohesive visual presentation.

  2. Feature Selection: Choose the features that best suit your community's needs, creating a streamlined interface for homebuyers.

  3. Builder Branding: Enable builder partners to customize their own kiosk sections, showcasing their unique brand identity.

  4. Points of Interest: Add local attractions and essential services to create an engaging community map.

  5. Videos and Image Galleries: Upload captivating videos and stunning images to showcase your community's highlights and amenities.

  6. Home and Lot Inventory Management: Effortlessly update and manage your home and lot inventory, ensuring that homebuyers have access to the latest available options.

  7. Deployment Simplicity: Implement updates and deploy changes in minutes, keeping your kiosk up-to-date with the latest information.


The comprehensive reporting capabilities within the Runway Kiosk ecosystem track every interaction, from registration and kiosk usage to properties handed off to homebuyers.

All favorited properties are securely stored in the Runway CRM, associated with each homebuyer, allowing for easy access and analysis.

Leverage our robust reporting dashboard or effortlessly integrate the collected data into your in-house BI tool for a customized reporting experience.

Optimize your community engagement and decision-making with the powerful insights provided by Runway Kiosk's reporting capabilities.

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From $250 per community

In a 15-minute online meeting, we'll show how your business can
create, and deploy an exciting Homebuyer experience in your community.

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